Natural hazard and climate data solutions


Quality data solutions are key to understanding climate change and natural hazard risks


The Asia Pacific region — home to about 60% of the world’s population and two of the largest three economies by size — is increasingly exposed to natural hazard and climate risks. There are significant challenges to understanding and managing these risks

In response to these challenges, HazDat combines computational, scientific and big data expertise to make sense of Earth Systems data, enabling businesses and other organisations to make informed decisions


Service offerings


Expert data science consulting

Expert consulting to understand your natural hazard and climate data needs for a solution that integrates into your workflows


Customised data sets

Combining scientific modelling, big data, and high performance computing expertise to create, analyse and manage natural hazard and climate data sets


Seamless access to data

Using our domain knowledge and networks to find and deliver natural hazard and climate data when and how you need




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